In today’s competitive world, pure, high quality chemicals define successful chemical companies. Pharmaceutical giants like the GlaxoSmithKline and agricultural giants like BASF Crop Production Services have earned global reputation only because of their untiring pursuit of quality over several decades.

However, it is also a fact that the quality of chemicals produced by a company, depends a lot on the intermediate chemicals used as raw materials. A giant pharmaceutical company with the latest equipment but bad intermediates would actually be less successful than a small company using high-quality intermediates. Similarly, a fertilizer factory, with the best scientists the industry has to offer, would be doomed to fail if its supply of intermediates is impure. It is, thus, absolutely correct to say that, for chemical companies, intermediate chemicals are even more important than staff or equipment.

We, at Ningbo Simbon Chemical Co. Ltd, work day and night to ensure that your staff is equipped with the highest quality intermediates, so they can make the best quality chemicals. Whether you belong to agricultural, pharmaceutical or veterinary industry, our intermediates enable you to stay one step ahead of your competition. Work with us and you’ll soon find out why we have the complete trust of the most successful companies of Asia, Europe and Americas.Not only that, you’ll also see what it’s like to be working with one of the few chemical companies that consider the well-being of the environment their utmost duty.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest and high-tech industries. Our high quality hydroxylamine- and fluorine-containing intermediates are used in the pharmaceutical industry both for drug synthesis as well as drug testing. Hydroxylamine derivatives are used extensively in synthesis of important drugs such as steroids and paracetamol. Fluorine-containing intermediates are used in the manufacture of fluorine-containing drugs, one-fifth of all drugs currently available in the market!

Agro Chemicals

Hydroxylamine intermediates are extensively used in the synthesis of fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. Fluorine-containing compounds have been used as pesticides for more than a century. So, if you wish to make the best agricultural products for your customers, look no further. Our intermediates are used throughout the world for agricultural purposes and have proven to be the best.They are also safe to use which means you can use them in your agricultural products without the fear of polluting your soil or poisoning your crops.

Veternary Chemicals

Much like the pharmaceutical chemicals in humans, veterinary chemicals treat the diseases of animals. Both hydroxylamine and fluorine intermediates are extensively used not only in the synthesis of these chemicals but in the research of novel veterinary chemicals. The purity of our intermediates ensures that whether you’re a researcher or a producer of veterinary chemicals, you contribute as much as possible to the health of our animal friends.