OBHA*HCl Zooming in on Cost-Efficiency

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OBHA*HCl Zooming in on Cost-Efficiency

Save the Time you need – optimize Synthesis, reduce Expenses

Facilitating your production process can help you lower costs, helping to maxi- mize your profitability.

OBHA adds the N-O-functionality while the benzyl pendant protects this link- age from undesirable side reactions. The Bn is conveniently removed (e.g. H2/Pd) anywhere along your synthetic pathway.

With this product innovation you can

  • save time by combining reaction steps
  • maximize profits by improving yield
  • be more successful

We help you being more successful

Hydroxylamine chemistry is a core technology of Simbon’s Inorganic Specialties business group. OBHA is one example of hydroxylamine derivatives that meet your needs for N-amination and N-O functionality in advanced life-science products.

Simbon can help you design new products with a full portfolio of hydroxylamine technology products. We can scale-up an array of products to meet your needs for new or im- proved processes.

OBHA can you help make your work more convenient – and efficient.

OBHA is a typical protected hydroxy- lamine used in the modern Life Science Industry to

  • implement a N-O-structure or NH2- group into a molecule
  • directly protect the N-O-structure in one step

With OBHA, you can

  • easily remove the protection group afterwards
  • obtain good yields from an efficient synthesis

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