Ningbo Simbon Chemical Co.,Ltd is at the forefront of scientific research, delivering excellent service and high-quality intermediates for global brands within a variety of industries.

From pharmaceutical makers to agrochemical companies to veterinary specialists, we advance a series of professional rules – such as efficiency and positive workplace morale – and personal ethics, including respect for the environment, and speaking truth to power by acting with honor and integrity.

Simbon also has a longtime collaboration with the Scientific Research Institute, the premier center of its kind in Asia, where we develop advanced technologies and further the most innovative green practices.

Along with our distinctive – and reliable – system of supply chain management, inspired by the success of our Chief Engineer, we ensure the timely delivery of industrial equipment to clients throughout the Americas, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Simbon is the partner of first resort, and the intermediary of primary interest.

We are here to help you thrive.