Ningbo Simbon Chemical Co. Ltd. is more than just a chemical company. We go beyond synthesizing and selling chemicals. While our vision is indeed to provide our customers with the purest chemicals at the most economical rates, we don’t stop there; we go one step further by delivering our chemicals as fast and safe as technology can deliver them. Furthermore, we hold our customers in utmost regard and always provide feedback opportunities to ensure that they have received their desired products in a timely fashion.

Intermediate chemicals for every industry

We offer a vast variety of intermediates that comprise more than 50 chemical compounds including hydroxylamine- and fluorine-containing intermediates. Hydroxylamine and fluorine intermediates are commonly used in a number of industries. The best-selling products of the pharmaceutical industry require fluorine-containing intermediates and the most effective fertilizers and pesticides of the agricultural industry utilize hydroxylamine intermediates in their synthesis. So whichever chemical industry you belong to, we have the compounds for your needs.

Beyond high quality

At Ningbo Simbon Chemical Co, we don’t just aim for high quality; we aim for perfection. Our team of world-class scientists works tirelessly to discover new ways to enhance the purity of our chemicals. Our cutting edge technology ensures the efficient synthesis and safe packaging of these compounds.

Best, but not the most expensive

In our money-driven world, we have come to expect the best things to come at highest prices. However, we think differently. We want our products not only to be the best but also to be affordable for everyone. This is why affordability is one of our major concerns. We want our chemical intermediates to be available to everyone, from giant multi-national organization to small scale local businesses.

Greener chemicals

The industrial revolution of 21st century has come at a great price and most of it has been paid by the environment. Global warming, air pollution and depletion of ozone layer are just few of the consequences of relentless pursuit of development without considering its  harmful effects. Our company mourns over this and considers its utmost duty to be the preservation of our precious environment. This philosophy is reflected not only in the synthesis of our intermediates but also in the intermediates themselves, all of which are environment-friendly and safe to use.

At your doorstep

Time is one of the most crucial factors in industry. A chemical product delayed by even a day can result in huge loss in business. Because of this, we try our utmost to deliver our intermediates as quickly as possible. We keep our clients constantly updated about the status of their products from their initial order to the receipt of their products. So, whether you order small amounts of our chemicals or huge amounts, whether you’re in China or in America and whether you order some simple compound or some complex amount, we deliver your products to your doorstep as soon as possible.

Our Pride

Established clientele is the pride of an organization and Ningbo Simbon Chemical Co. Ltd. is no different. We take pride in our clients which extend throughout the world from East Asia to the United States. This is a testimony to our quality and dedication.

We heartedly invite you to work with us and become carefree for the rest of your life about your chemical intermediates because we’ll make sure that you get the best.